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When I want nothing but good hardcore action I always go to Reality Kings. There’s just nothing that comes close to this xxx network, 38 awesome sites and 1000’s of videos, why would you waste your time anywhere else? This is a no brainer guys, the reality kings team have put together all the best sites and they’re yours to access right now. I’m going to go and watch some kinky ass milfs get fucked at their milfhunter site.

If hardcore porn is your thing and you want to watch only the best xxx videos, I’d suggest getting a 51% off Reality Kings discount. If after a month you still want more you can always join for a yearly pass, this is a great option for those of us who like a long term porn deal. We know that accessing reality kings for 365 days is going to be totally sweet!.

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Money Talks shows you exactly that. If you have enough cold hard cash you can get a girl to do just about anything. I fucking love watching these full episodes. Besides the awesome sex, the setups to fuck for cash are totally wicked. One minute these cheeky babes are all nice and innocent. Once money comes into the equation, the slutty side of them takes over and they want that cash now!

Only the devious minds at Reality Kings could come up with an idea like this. As such, they’re also giving a bonus pass to their full network of porn. That’s something to write home about! And I might have something else to give you a smile. How about using this deal to get 85% off with this discount? It’s nothing but good times and the best xxx videos inside this network. Join up now and start having some fun!

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Money Talks is either one of those sites that you love or hate. Fortunately for me I love it, the videos and pranks they do are hell funny. This site from the guys at Reality Kings is all about seeing how far some girls will go for a few bucks, you’d be surprised to see what really happens once they start handing these girls wads of cash! Sure there might not be enough actual sex in public, but for me just watching how the girls react to an indecent offer is enough to make me laugh out loud.

I wanted to share this Money Talks discount for 51% off with you guys before it runs out, this is for a lifetime pass that really is great value for money. You get full bonus access to the entire reality kings network, with 12,000 plus videos you are going to be quite busy watching all them for some time to come. There isn’t a better time to experience a network of this caliber, join up now for a lifetime pass and start enjoying porn the way it was meant to be! .

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Mikes Apartment Discount (2)

Certainly, chicks have been using their bodies in trade since the dawn of time. Guys are always looking for a place to stick their dicks. And girls are always looking for ways to get something for little or no work.

Mike is one such dude and Samantha above is one such slut. She needed a place to sleep for the night. And Mike needed a place to shoot some of his stored up cum. A match made in heaven for these two!

You can feel a little piece of heaven right here on Earth by joining and receiving the Mikes Apartment discount for 85% off for life!

How you ask? You just follow the link by clicking the money shot picture above of Mike plastering a teen slut’s tummy. You will be instantly transported to the Porn Discounter’s Network. There you will find massive deals on top sites like Reality Kings, Naughty America, and more!

If you’re still paying full price for porn you are an idiot!

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Casting Porn Movies

If ever there was a bloke in Europe who should be consulted when casting porn movies it is Mike from Mike’s Apartment. This guy has a bead on finding hot babes willing to do anything for a place to sleep for the night. I can’t even begin to imagine what these chicks would do if they were offered money for sex!

Lately producers have been coming around asking Mike to find them talent and when he does he posts it on social media. But who wants to spend all fucking day hunting down videos on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter?

So somebody else named Mike came up with a rather clever solution to the problem. He is putting them on which is kind of like social media when you really think about it. After all, you cannot post explicit videos of hardcore casting porn on YouTube!

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Mikes Apartment Discount Porn

Every guy dreams of banging hot European girls, but only one guy had the balls to turn a dream into a reality. That guy is Mike from Way back in 2001 he had this crazy idea. What if he bought an apartment in Amsterdam and put an ad in the newspaper with a really low rent. The kind of rent people pay when they are on their last dollar.

It worked. Tons of people answer the ad every month and Mike sifts through them looking for hot babes willing to work off the rent instead of paying cash. Finding gems like Suzi above make the whole ordeal of turning everyone else away totally worth the work. Now this guy is banging bitches most of us only dream about.

Mikes Apartment is his way of sharing this fantasy lifestyle with the rest of the world. Now anyone can join in and enjoy naked blonde beauties like Little Summer and Lindy. Mike believes in equal housing so he also fucks plenty of brunette babes like Stacy and Luna.

Having been open for seven years Mikes Apartment has amassed a large college of exclusive porn videos you won’t find anywhere else. New episodes are uploaded on a weekly basis. That means you have about 364 full length episodes to catch up on. Add to this the fact that is part of the Reality Kings network of 25 sites and you have two fresh updates a day plus thousands of videos in the archives!

Most of the niches in the network are covered by more than one site. So chances are your favorite niche will get 3 to 4 updates a week. Each update includes pics and a full length video that you can download to your own hard drive or stream over the Internet through your browser. Alternatively, you can also get the videos in smaller clips and in different resolutions depending on how fast your Internet connection is.

Believe it or not there are people shelling out $29.95 for a DVD with only 4 to 8 scenes on it and they do this on a weekly basis. The Reality Kings are offering you thousands of scenes for only $24.95 a month and to make the deal even sweeter they are offering you a three day trial for only $4.95. You can sample the most recent episodes of the sites and see for yourself that nobody can match the Reality Kings quality or level of service.

Everything on the Reality Kings network is tagged by the viewers so finding the particular videos you want to see is easy even if they span multiple sites. You can find episodes by model name and see who and what other users view the most. Plus, you can even save your own favorites!

Give Mikes Apartment a try and see why the Reality Kings really are the Kings of Reality Porn.

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Not necessarily because reading is good, it is… but, this is good because it means you can see how fucking awesome this Mike’s Apartment discount is going to be for your bottom line!

Mike got a crazy idea over a decade ago to trade a spot in one of his guest rooms for sex with hot European girls who were strapped for cash. Mike has been updating his site every Wednesday ever since. That is a lot of porn!

But it gets even better!

Mike merged his site into the Reality Kings network years ago and hasn’t had a complaint since. Probably because guys and gals all over the world enjoy getting access to all 38 high quality sites.

Mikes Apartment is easily worth the $39.95 it costs to join per month. But you won’t be paying that. Mike is giving you a $25 discount, which lowers the price you will pay to $14.95.

It gets even² better!

In addition to the amazing deal and the crazy all access pass you get this discount for the lifetime of your membership. Keep going month after month and you get to keep saving $25!

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