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Yup, you know I’m referring to Hustler with that title. They’re simply legendary in the porn industry, they’ve been around forever and pioneered, along with less than a handful others, and paved the way that porn is today. Anyone (read everyone) that enjoys porn on occasion or frequently for that matter owes their gratitude to some extent to these guys.

Now, as to not ignore this young lady in picture for a second longer… wow, that position, that flexibility. What I would not give to spend a night with someone with such talents, just to experience positions that wasn’t available to me to try out before.

I’m quite the Kama Sutra guy now that I think about it and I like to try different positions. It’s though experimenting with them that I have found a few less common ones that I really enjoy. One example is perhaps the amazon position. I don’t particularly enjoy being at the bottom but when it comes to this position I don’t mind in the least.

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